Hard Rock Casino – Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ

Late summer 2018 our team was busy building product for the remodeled Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  We worked with S & J Enterprises of Las Vegas on design and creation of this casino cabinetry and millwork project.  Throughout the casino floor we did the cabinetry, millwork, kiosks, variety of feature walls, high limit betting area.  The Asian gaming area, host stands, wall cladding, promenade walls, restroom portals, and columns in all areas.

In the Asian Gaming area, we built all the host and reception stands of Macasser “Ebony Veneer” with Mirrored Polished Stainless Steel accent strips; Ebonized “Red Oak” countertops.  The wall opposite of the host stand is an 88″ x 132″ cabinet with cubbies that are 25″ x 25″.  The structure is built using Ebonized “Red Oak” with a cut-out for lighting on top of each cubbie.  The complete unit accommodates a 75″ TV monitor.

Inside the Asian Gaming floors are a couple of different feature walls.  In the promenade level is a wall of Concertex “Nappa Tile Chevron”; each piece is 6″ x 6″ of Nickel color.  The wall holds a 55″ TV monitor.  In the Asian Gaming private area, the walls are cladded with Ebonized “Red Oak” throughout.  In this area are wall columns wrapped in Macasser “Ebony Veneer” with faces of backlit 3Form “Faux Onyx Acrylic Panels”. The feature wall is glass with a metal accent overlay and display shelves built into the wall.  Each shelf has a puck light.

For the High Limit Entry Portal doorway we used textured ribbed metal Sedona “Seastone Fused Nickel Bronze” on the surround.  “Antique Bronze” metal accents trim the light box/signage panel which is backlit Artspace “Blue”.  In the High Limits Gaming Area are several 148″ tall floor columns.  These 8-sided columns are covered with Koroseal Macasser “Ebony” with Mirrored Polished Stainless Steel reveals.  A large wall separates the gaming floors with large Quarter Sawn “Walnut” frames in a variety of sizes and separated with Mirrored Polished Stainless Steel.   The frames showcase a mix of Macasser “Ebony Veneer” and backlit 3Form “Faux Onyx Acrylic Panels”.

Move to Plum Lounge…the bar surround and walls are built using Macasser “Ebony Veneer & Solids”.  The feature wall is Ebonized “Red Oak” with five panels of upholstered Concertex “Nappa Tile Crescendo” of custom colors to create an ombre effect.  The panels are a mix of: Sea Mist, Deep Blue and Silver.  Each section of the wall is finished using Mirrored Polished Stainless Steel.

The Noodles Bar area includes two P.O.S. Service Stations, bar wall/soffit and lounge area.  The bar/back hoods are made using Artisan Panels (stacks, circles, hexagons) in Bronze finish.  The employee side cabinets are Abet Laminati “Holz”.  Surrounding the bar and separating it from the lounge area are eight accent partitions built with a poplar frame and header box painted “Hammered Brown”.  The panel insets are Artisan Panels “Custom Cloud Formation” Bronze.

In all areas and on the floors are several Pit Stands and Cash Centers.  The Pit Stands have exteriors of Lab Designs “Tiger Eye Silkwood” with Cambria “Wellington” quartz countertops.  Each stand has a post to accommodate multiple TV monitors on the gaming floor.   The Cash Centers are free standing units of same Lab Designs.  On the soffit we used metal panels of “Antique Bronze” on the face.  The exterior features 1 1/2 – 2″ wood slats of Quarter Sawn “Walnut” dark stain accented with backlit clear polycarbonate pieces staggered between wood slats.

The main Cashier Desk features eight windows with MOZ Metal Panels “Waterfall” painted light khaki and applied to the half walls of each station.  The three accent walls are Concertex “Nappa Tile” custom wall panels.  You can see the ATM and Marketing Walls are cladded of Arborite “Parliament Walnut” with textured ribbed metal on the header piece and surrounds.  The Casino Restroom Entrance is also “Parliament Walnut” with an overlay of 3/8″ Satin Brass “Perforated Brass” metal.


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