Tropicana Casino

Las Vegas, NV

At the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas you’ll find a variety of casino directional signs that are backlit using white LEDs. We also did the promotional signage on the columns, overhead, and wall mount signs. Included in the sign package was these Sphinx Game heads and the slot machine chair back signs.

At Creative Surfaces we have 30+ years of custom designing interior signs for the casino and gaming industry.  Creative Surfaces is a full service interior casino sign manufacturer that includes design and development.  All of our signs are built to suit, building some of the biggest and brightest signs that have every detail and dimension to attract the most attention to your sign and enhance your visitor’s experience.

On many of our signs you will notice LED chasing lights, flashing neon, large LCD monitors for video imaging (some signs include multiple monitors), push-thru lettering and backlit signage.  As well as designing and fabricating, we also install all of our own interior casino signs.

We can provide slot machine graphics. We design and print them in-house on backlit translucent film on our state-of-the-art lightjet photo processor.  In addition to the slot machine graphics, we design and build the graphics for the slot machine chair backs.

At Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas we custom designed and built the casino directional signs.  Some of these signs are backlit while others are lit with white LEDs.  Some of them are wall mount, some are suspended from the ceiling with custom framework and casings.  We also built the sign frames for the signage on the casino floor columns.


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