Ignite Infrared Fitness Studio

Sioux Falls, SD

The summer of 2020 Sioux Falls opened several new boutique style fitness centers.  We are excited to have been a part of this project designing and building fitness studio custom cabinetry for Ignite Infrared Fitness Studio.

This project included the reception desk with built-in tiered retail display shelves, the retail center cabinets, the brand wall graphics, cubbies, locker room vanity countertops, as well as the interior and exterior commercial signage.

The interior wall logo and the reception desk are the focal point.  This we constructed using a combination of plastic laminates.  The half wall/face of the desk we used Arborite “Inukshuk Grey” and “Inukshuk Taupe”.   The lower countertop is Wilsonart “Regimental Red”; the upper transaction top is Wilsonart “Blackbird”.  Notice the toekick is halo lit stainless steel.  Behind the reception desk is a red painted wall with brand logo graphics printed of white vinyl and adhered directly to the wall.

The interior commercial wall logo is made using black plexi lettering with vinyl faces on the letters and logo.  It is backlit using white LEDs.

The retail display is built using Wilsonart “Regimental Red” for the surround.  The back panel and interior adjustable shelves are Arborite “Inukshuk Grey”.  Above the cooler you’ll see a 1/4″ clear tempered glass adjustable shelf.  Under the soffit we installed puck lights.

Other fitness studio custom cabinetry included the cubbies in the hallware made of Arborite “Inukshuk Grey” with black melamine interiors.  The locker room vanity features a Cambria quartz “Windermere” countertop.

Let’s move to the infrared yoga studio where you’ll find the Ignite logo on the studio wall made using black plexi letters and backlit using color-changing LEDs.  The yoga mat rack we installed 1/4″ Evonik satin ice end panels with the Ignite logo on both ends.

The exterior building sign is made using white plexi for the backer board and laser cut letters of black plexi for the logo.


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